Anything But Ordinary

Ordinary Time. In the Church, we put away our white vestments and to the happiness of the Irish, put on the green.

Ordinary time takes us through summer and fall until once again we begin the first week of Advent. Ordinary time does have a few special Sundays: Trinity Sunday and the feast of Corpus Christi. However, our religious fervor, our Lenten observances, our Easter joy, our vows to become more a disciple of Christ, can quickly become ordinary as well. Just like our New Year’s resolutions became lost in our busy-ness, so too can our relationship to Jesus.

Here is what I suggest for summer.

Read the scriptures. Get a periodical that gives you the daily readings. Ordinary time readings give us a chance to reflect on how God calls us to live as disciples of Jesus. Weekday readings tell of the varied responses to God’s call and his call back to those who have strayed.

Secondly, attend Sunday Mass. It can be hard with sports, summer projects, and vacations, but remember, recreation means ‘re-creation’ and a great time to live a summer of gratitude for creation and all of God’s gifts.

Finally, remember someone else. Ordinary Time is a good time to re-connect with someone who may be homebound. Bring them to church, pick up some groceries, cut their grass, offer yourself for something greater.

If you do all three of these things, I promise you time your summer and fall will be anything but ordinary.



Fr. Dennis Saran is the Pastor of St. Dominic Catholic Church.