Talitha koum

“God did not make death…God formed man to be imperishable.” (Wisdom 1:13, 2:23)

Death enters our world through sin; life enters through God. Jesus further demonstrates this when he raises a young girl from the dead. (Mark 5:21-43) In this story, a synagogue official named Jairus begs Jesus to heal his daughter, and Jesus immediately agrees. By the time Jesus arrives at the house, the girl has died. Jesus raises the girl from the dead by saying, “Talitha koum,” meaning “little girl, arise.”

Jesus desires to do the same thing for us: to breathe life into our lives, to give us “life to the full.” (John 10:10) Most of us have never witnessed Jesus raising someone from the dead, but how often has he raised us from spiritual death through the confessional?

How often have we witnessed the Holy Spirit breathe new life into a marriage, or bring healing to heartbreak? When we suffer heartache, anxiety, and even death, God is there suffering with us. He mourns our losses the same way that he delights in our joys and our love. He invites us to bring him our sorrow and our pain, to let him carry that cross with us, until at last death is no more.

Let us offer to Jesus every part of our lives that feels dark and every part that needs healing, so we too may allow Jesus to take us by the hand, and say, “Talitha koum”.


Sarah Daszczuk is the Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry & Evangelization at St. Dominic Catholic Parish.