Eyes of Faith

Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you.

I learned a long time ago that trust is difficult to come by and equally as difficult to maintain. I also learned a long time ago that there are only two beings that can be trusted implicitly and in all situations. Two beings that will never disappoint when trust is placed in them.

Can you guess whom they may be? I’ll go so far as to share that even though I learned this long ago, I still find it difficult to completely trust them. Any guesses further? Of course, it is Jesus (God) and His mother, Mary.

My faith story has evidence all over the place that Jesus and Mary are the only two individuals that, when asked to assist me, never disappoint. Granted their time frame is not my time frame, and their way of coming through for me is not always what I anticipated, but they ALWAYS come through. Eyes of faith have allowed me to see it. To place one’s trust in Jesus and Mary can have the most profound impact on how a person approaches life and appreciates what life offers.

Even still, I like to be in control and think I have it taken care of. I usually make a mess of it when I think this way. Eyes of faith tell me the “mess” is God saying “Give it to me. I’ll take care of it.” After all this time, you would think I would have learned to just trust. One would think by now I would just instinctively “let go and let God” as the saying goes. I don’t. I don’t automatically give it to God to handle things, unless I know I can’t really handle it.

I wonder why that is. Do I enjoy suffering? Am I a glutton for punishment? When I learned and used the Divine Mercy Chaplet, I expanded my appreciation for how the power of God in my life can change the outcome of troublesome situations. I have other such prayers in my arsenal, but this one, for some reason, works the fastest. Holding in my head the troublesome situation while praying brings peace, and therefore clarity. God answers through my prayer. I am able to “see” what needs to be done. The Chaplet blends Jesus and Mary, as the image of the Divine Mercy allows Jesus’s saving grace to shine upon the situation, while hands move feverishly on Rosary beads. It is one of the perfect formal prayers of the Catholic Church. Thank you, St. Faustina, for sharing it.

I would highly recommend it if you are dwelling on a situation that seems overwhelming and out of control. I would recommend it if you find yourself hurt by the actions of others or if you are needing the opportunity to find mercy from someone you hurt. I would recommend it when you feel lost. Here’s a great resource: www.praydivinemercy.com

Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you.


Jill Fischer is Principal of St. Dominic Catholic School.



Jesus, I Trust in You

A Message from Mary Lestina

I remember as a child dressing up for Mass on Sundays and trying to leave home early enough to get a seat in the church. Often times, we ended up in the choir loft, which made me eye level with the large crucifix on the back wall. I remember looking deep into His eyes.

I will never forget the amazing decorations in the church at Easter. The abundant number of flowers made me aware that Easter was an extraordinary feast in the Church. The images and symbols that we witness as a child help form our adult life of faith and instill memories that we never forget.

Last week on Easter, we sang the “alleluia” for the first time since Lent began. A woman shared with me that she finally had the courage to go to confession after 30 years, and felt such a light and peace inside.

Easter time is the celebration of Christ’s life in us and His unending mercy and love.

The first Sunday after Easter, we celebrate the feast of Divine Mercy, as decreed by St. Pope John Paul II. Jesus appeared to a Polish nun, Sr. Faustina in the early 20th century, and asked that the image be painted with the words, “Jesus I trust in you.” The picture shows the grace, mercy and love emanating from the heart of Jesus. Looking deeply into the eyes of Jesus in the picture, I realize how much He loves me.

As a child being drawn to our Lord at Mass, we grow in the realization of his great love for us every day. In the coming week, join me in the morning prayer, “Jesus you love me with perfect love. Give me the grace to love you throughout this day and every day.”


Mary Lestina is the Pastoral Minister and Director of Adult and Family Ministry at St. Dominic Catholic Parish.