The Good Shepherd

A Message from Paul Burzynski

In our modern age, we really “don’t get” the whole idea of shepherding, and I think I would be safe to say that not many of us know a shepherd.

But in the time of Jesus, the idea of shepherding was very understandable.

We hear much about shepherd in Sacred Scripture: The Parable of the Lost Sheep (Matthew 18: 12—14), Jesus telling Peter to “tend my sheep,” (John 21:17) and chapter 10 of John’s gospel when Jesus proclaims that he is the Good Shepherd.

Today, Jesus continues to be the Good Shepherd through the work of his shepherds, or pastors (which comes from Latin, meaning shepherd). Today might be a good time for us to hold the pastors of our Church close in prayer.

Let our prayers be for our Holy Father, Francis, our bishops, clergy, including our St. Dominic shepherds, Father Saran, Father Gibson, Deacon LaFond, Deacon Diciaula and our soon to be associate pastor, Deacon Laskiewicz, who embody the image of the Good Shepherd.

May they continue to be loving, strong and self-sacrificing in their vocation, and be a patient guide to the sheep who rely on their safe care.


Paul Burzynski is the Director of Music & Liturgy for St. Dominic Catholic Parish