We Have a Mission

A Message from Kurt Peot

The greatest news ever received: the Messiah, as predicted by scripture and the prophets, has come in Jesus Christ, fulfilling all that was written about Him, and He has risen from the dead! He has set us free from our sin and returned us to being a part of the Trinity through Him!

After his resurrection, Christ was intent on proving to His disciples that His glorified body, while different in appearance and no longer constrained by space and time, is still physical, having flesh and bones. He encouraged them to touch Him, see Him and eat with Him. Certainly, no ghost can eat. A ghost would have been easier for the disciples to wrap their minds around than a physically resurrected Christ.

How is it for you?

Jesus suffered and died so that He could rescue us from our sin. It’s easy for me to think of Him as divine, and so of course, He could do and endure all that He did. But, as a man, it seems harder, darn near impossible. Yet, He did, because He loves us and loves the Father.

What does He ask of us in return?

We started on Ash Wednesday, “repent and believe in the Gospel.” Now, He asks us to go and preach the Good News, in His name, to all nations. The Good News that He suffered, died and rose from the dead so that we could spend eternity with Him and the Father.

We have a mission! We have been called! We have been sent! Where will we go today and to whom will we proclaim the Good News?

Jesus Christ is Risen, Alleluia!


Kurt Peot is a member of St. Dominic Catholic Parish. He recently was accepted into the introductory phase of diaconate formation and discernment.



Jesus, I Trust in You

A Message from Mary Lestina

I remember as a child dressing up for Mass on Sundays and trying to leave home early enough to get a seat in the church. Often times, we ended up in the choir loft, which made me eye level with the large crucifix on the back wall. I remember looking deep into His eyes.

I will never forget the amazing decorations in the church at Easter. The abundant number of flowers made me aware that Easter was an extraordinary feast in the Church. The images and symbols that we witness as a child help form our adult life of faith and instill memories that we never forget.

Last week on Easter, we sang the “alleluia” for the first time since Lent began. A woman shared with me that she finally had the courage to go to confession after 30 years, and felt such a light and peace inside.

Easter time is the celebration of Christ’s life in us and His unending mercy and love.

The first Sunday after Easter, we celebrate the feast of Divine Mercy, as decreed by St. Pope John Paul II. Jesus appeared to a Polish nun, Sr. Faustina in the early 20th century, and asked that the image be painted with the words, “Jesus I trust in you.” The picture shows the grace, mercy and love emanating from the heart of Jesus. Looking deeply into the eyes of Jesus in the picture, I realize how much He loves me.

As a child being drawn to our Lord at Mass, we grow in the realization of his great love for us every day. In the coming week, join me in the morning prayer, “Jesus you love me with perfect love. Give me the grace to love you throughout this day and every day.”


Mary Lestina is the Pastoral Minister and Director of Adult and Family Ministry at St. Dominic Catholic Parish.



The Call of the Lord

A Message from Fr. John Gibson

Christus resurrexit, sicut dixit, Alleluia! Christ has risen as He said He would, Alleluia!

A very happy and blessed Easter to you all!

One of my favorite passages in all of Scripture happens to be one of the accounts of the resurrection—when Mary Magdalene runs to the tomb to find Jesus, but only finds a man who she thinks to be the gardener. She does not recognize the Lord at first, so she begs the “gardener” to tell her where he has placed the Lord. It is at this point that Jesus says to her, “Mary!” He calls her by name and she immediately recognizes the Lord.

This passage has always caused me to wonder what it was about Jesus’ address to her that immediately caused her eyes to be opened. Was it the familiar sound of his voice, or perhaps the way He looked at her? I don’t get very far in asking that question before I stop to hear the voice of the Lord call to my own heart. And in the depths of that heart I encounter a love that is greater than anything that this world can offer.

Deep within the heart of each one of us is the call of the one who created us, who knit us in the womb, who calls us by name. “Lord you have probed me and you know me” (Psalm 139:1).

May you encounter the call of the Lord in a most profound way this Easter season, as His promise to win us back is fulfilled!

Christ is risen, He is truly risen! Alleluia!


Fr. John Gibson is the Associate Pastor at St. Dominic Catholic Parish