Are You Ready for Advent?

This will not be a surprise to anyone: December is a crazy, hectic month. We all have a lot going on. It’s tough to keep us with all of the shopping, entertaining, planning, coordinating and decorating.

As we continue our theme of “Being Ready,” we look at three things you can do to take full advantage of the Advent Season. But let me warn you, it will take some energy and dedication. But it is so worth it.

Create a Plan. It’s not too late. Come up with a schedule that allows you to sit for fifteen minutes and catch your breath. This is the perfect time to read, reflect, and pray. You choose how often you would like to do this. Pick days and times, and add it to your calendar. Look for ways to get closer to God.

Light the Advent Wreath. Take time each day to light the candles on the wreath and say a short prayer. Many families do this before dinner. Take turns reading bible passages or sharing thoughts on getting ready for the birth of Jesus. Make sure it is a quiet and reflective time, even if only for a few minutes.

Put Your Words into Action. Choose one thing for you and your family to do together this Advent Season. Collect food for a pantry. Buy gifts for a family in need. Find a charity to support. Discuss it one evening after you light your Advent Wreath. Decide what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it.