Why Do We Pray to Saints?

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In November, theROCK is Focused on Saints

From Mike Hayes, Co-Founder of Busted Halo.com

Have you ever had a friend you’ve asked to pray for you? When we ask a saint to pray for us, we are doing the exact same thing. The difference is that saints are 04165320people who the church has ample evidence that they are conclusively in heaven with God.

That is why we ask for their intercession. Intercession means they are the “liaison” between us and God. They bring our prayers to God, ask God to receive these prayers and grant our requests. Because we believe the saints are closer to God than we are, at present, we believe they are people that can help us with our needs.

Our faith calls us to believe that our prayers are always answered by God, giving us what we need, not merely what we want or what we think is best.

The saints are people who know to ask God for what will truly benefit us and not merely what will placate us.

think about it

Which of the Saints do you pray to? Why?

Share your thoughts with us.