Holding Hands

There is a couple who live a few houses east of me who go for a long walk every single morning. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, they make their way past my house and disappear several blocks away.

What’s interesting about this couple is that they walk the entire distance of their journey holding hands.

When I saw them the other morning, I started thinking about hand holding.

  • We can’t wait to hold a newborn’s hand; in fact we love it when they wrap their tiny fingers around ours.
  • If you ever spend time on a school playground, you will see grade school girls all playing together, often holding hands.
  • When we first start dating, we can’t get enough hand holding. In fact, it’s odd when you see a very young couple not holding hands.
  • We hold hands at our wedding to profess our vows and exchange rings.
  • And then…we stop. As we climb the ladder of age, we simply stop holding hands.
  • That is, until we encounter someone very sick and close to death. We once again reach out and gently wrap our fingers around theirs.

God is reaching out to us every single day, asking us to hold his hand. Come, follow me. Let me lead you. Do you reach back? Do you happily wrap your fingers around His?

Are you extending your hand to others?

Rain or shine, snow or sleet, we are all on this journey together. Wouldn’t it be nice to hold someone’s hand along the way?


Dan Herda is an editor of theROCK


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