The Intern

Next week I’m going to introduce you to Sandra. Sandra will be your new personal intern.

Sandra is going to be with you for the next three months, and she’s going to learn
everything she can from you on how to live a life of faith. She’ll watch what you do, she’ll listen to what you say, and she’ll see how you interact with the people you encounter throughout the day.

While most of the activity you will have with Sandra will be day-to-day living, I’d like you to start the first day with a simple, straight-forward conversation. I’d like you to tell Sandra about the three most important things you do to demonstrate to the world that you are a Christian. Keep it simple. Start taking notes now.

After that, it’s all about you—what you do, what you say and how you live.

I know that having a personal intern is a great responsibility, but so is being a Christian. You never really have a “day off.” You never have a chance to have a “cheat day.” You need to be your best, 525,600 minutes each year.

Good luck. We wouldn’t have selected you if we didn’t think you were up to the challenge. Sandra has a lot to learn.


Dan Herda is an editor of theROCK.



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