Recently, I got to spend some time with my friends, Sam, Claire and their one-year-old son Jason. From the moment the three of them walked into my house, it was very clear that Jason was going to be the center of attention.

He had just begun to walk, so we all took turns keeping an eye and a hand on him as he bounced around my dining room, kitchen and living room.

Jason was a bundle of curiosity and energy that night. He explored every inch of my house and investigated every item on a table or shelf. (Of course that included trying to put every object into his mouth.)

After a few hours, the night finally wore Jason down and his eyes grew heavy. Sam scooped him up and carried him to the bedroom to put on his pajamas.

“It’s amazing,” said Claire, turning to me with pride. “I love watching him explore every inch of his world. Everything is new to him. Everything is a first.” She brushed her hair from her face and smiled with pride. “He’s given me so much joy not just because I love him so much, but because he’s given me a new outlook on life.” I could see tears in her eyes.

This was something I never expected. I knew the joy of a new child. I knew the love that a parent feels every moment of every day. But I never thought about living with a fresh perspective.

What if we lived every moment of our life as if it were the first time we experienced this moment? How would our life change?

Think about experiencing a sunset or a windy day. Think about holding someone’s hand. Think about sharing a meal with family and friends.

Think about going to Mass. Think about receiving the body and blood of Christ. Think about praying the Our Father with hundreds of people, all joined as one.

Think about what it would be like to open our minds and let the moments of the day satisfy our hearts.

We could be filled with firsts. Over and over again.


Dan Herda is an editor of theROCK.



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