A Silly Goose

Four blocks from where I live, on the front porch of a red brick two-story house sits a silly, ceramic goose. She faces out toward the street, proudly greeting everyone who travels by.

This is no ordinary goose. This goose reflects the mood of the day. For example, if it’s a rainy day, the goose is wearing a yellow rain slicker and boots. If it’s July 4th, she is decorated in red, white and blue. When it’s summer, the goose is dressed ready for the beach, complete with sunglasses and bathing suit.

It’s no secret that the woman who lives at the red brick house has a passion for life. She could easily place the goose in a nearby flower bed or a under a large oak tree and let it become part of her overall lawn decor.

Instead, she chose to make the goose a symbol of her joy for life. Families out for a walk stop and point and smile at the goose. Dog walkers glance over to see the outfit of the day. It’s become a conversation starter in the neighborhood, and brought joy to many.

It takes a lot of planning and coordinating to keep the goose dressed appropriately. It takes true dedication.

It makes me think: Am I living my faith the same way this woman is living her life? Am I always sharing my passion with others?

  • Am I making people smile with my words and actions?
  • Am I planning and coordinating so that I can become the best version of myself?
  • Am I letting the world know that I love and honor God every moment of every day?

It may be a silly goose, but it’s a great symbol for us to embrace our lives and keep our faith on the front porch of our hearts, directly facing the world passing us by.


Dan Herda is an editor of theROCK.



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