God is Speaking to Me

Do you remember your First Communion? I do. I wore my mother’s first communion dress and my aunt’s veil. I wore a necklace that I received on my baptism and brand new white shoes. I vividly recall my excitement and how special the day felt.

While I don’t remember much of the Mass, I remember when I took Jesus into my hands for the first time. I was totally excited. I remember moving very quickly to return to my seat upon receiving the precious Body and Blood so that I could say my rehearsed prayers. I also remember thinking, “That was it?” anticipating something more. I don’t know what I thought would happen. “They” said I would be changed. Did I change? Did something happen that I couldn’t see, but others could?

Do you get that feeling too, like there should be something more? In our heads, we know what is going on, but has the rote nature upon which we receive communion made it something less spectacular than what it is?

As I helped at the First Communion retreat this past weekend, I couldn’t help but be reminded about the magic that it holds. I want to reclaim that—the wondering if I’ve been changed because I have received Christ. I am truly one with Him. I should be changed each time. Am I? Are you? Are we?

As I head to Mass with the First Communicants this weekend, I will be paying very close attention to that, and engaging in Mass with a renewed focus of my place in the Body of Christ.

I will be asking myself, “How is what this Mass holds for me today changing me and inviting me closer to Jesus?” God is speaking to me just as He is speaking to you and he speaks to us all the time through one another.

I pray I don’t miss the message.


Jill Fischer is the Principal of St. Dominic Catholic School.



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