This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about Peter.

Peter was not only a Disciple of Jesus, but he was Jesus’s friend. He, along with James and John, formed the “inner circle.”

They had a unique relationship with Christ on earth, and shared a variety of moments together. Two of those moments included the Transfiguration and the Agony in the Garden. (Talk about moments that will change you forever!)

Peter loved Jesus. And Jesus loved Peter.

Which makes the denial in Courtyard after Jesus was arrested that much more confusing and sad. Every year, when we hear the Passion of Christ, we all think the same thing: how could Peter deny him? What was he thinking?

This always makes me wonder: what would I have done if I were Peter back in the Courtyard? Would I have had the courage to say, “Yes, I know this man. I was with Him. I believe in him. He is my friend.”

Or would I do everything in my power to avoid being called out, arrested, and eventually crucified. (I’m not sure any of us can truly comprehend the pain and suffering of crucifixion.)

I’d like to think that I would defend Jesus, that my convictions would be strong. But fear is a powerful master and it has a way of controlling our thoughts and actions. After all, Peter loved Jesus, he followed Jesus, he was one of His most important disciples. And Peter still denied Jesus.

So here we are, some 2000-odd-years later, and I ask myself an important question. Am I denying Christ in some way today?

  • Am I denying Him with my words or actions?
  • Am I denying Him with my lack of words or actions?
  • Am I denying Him by putting my own personal needs above what He is calling me to be?

Or do I stand proud and say, “Yes, I know this man. I walk with him daily. I believe in Him. He is my friend?”

What do I have to be afraid of?


Dan Herda is an editor for theROCK.



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