Let It

A Message from Fr. Dennis Saran

Maybe you’re overworked with your job and your house and you feel like you are about to be overwhelmed…let it.

Maybe you are tired and worn out from trying and fighting against a life that seems unfair and your heart is slowing …let it.

Maybe you have lost your family and friends and the echo of loneliness is all that is heard and your heart wants to cry out…let it.

Maybe you are close to the realization of death and the darkness of fear is what surrounds you…let it.

Maybe you have received some kindness and a heart that seemed dead wants to beat anew…let it.

Maybe the Holy Spirit has called you this Lent and there seems a wanting to enter into your soul a new longing for Jesus…let it.

Maybe you are ready, after all your running away and hiding from God, to have your heart submit …let it.

We both rejoice and prepare for the greatest mystery of our lives… the mystery of suffering, death, and new life. This mystery needs to be let in – not around your everyday experiences – but through them. We need not come to the Easter Season having performed a momentous act of faith, but with simple acts of sacrifice offered in humility. We need to surrender to suffering, death, and new life.

Maybe you have struggled with your Lenten sacrifices and you only feebly hold a palm branch as you offer not greatness, but weakness as your gift…come welcome our King to the glory of the Father.


Fr. Dennis Saran is the Pastor of St. Dominic Catholic Parish


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