Our Family Stories

Over the Christmas break, this popped up in my Twitter feed: God is in love with us. He draws us to Him with tenderness by being born poor and fragile among us, like one of us. – Pope Francis.

For some reason, I have been thinking a lot about the humanity of Jesus lately. Very profoundly thinking about it in relationship to his mother, our mother, Mary. These were/are real people. When you stop to ponder this, it is much easier to understand and appreciate their relationship to us as family. When you focus on them as people and appreciate the Scriptures in this way, hearing their story is like hearing the stories of relatives shared at a family gathering. They become more real and familiar. When you hear the stories enough, it is almost as if you were there.

I believe that is the beauty of the Liturgy of the Word. These are our family stories shared around the table. To miss the meal is to miss the story. God has us over weekly for a meal that He has prepared with great love. He draws us to Him to pass on the wisdom of the ages so that the stories can continue on to the next generation in order to make us stronger as a family.


Jill Fischer is the Principal of St. Dominic Catholic School


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