Loving Our God and Our Neighbor

Catholics are familiar with the two greatest commandments, to love God with all of our minds, our hearts and our souls, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

As we begin to think and pray about sharing our gifts with our parish community, it is important that we first contemplate what “loving our God and our neighbor” really means.

Pope Francis speaks about love of God and neighbor not in abstract terms, but in words that are a call to action.

“Let us ask for the grace to open our hearts to one another, to promote unity, and to live in harmony as members of the one Body of Christ, inspired by the gift of love.” -Pope Francis

Take some time to reflect on these words and think about how you can truly love without limits. How has God’s love touched your life? How have you returned the love to God? How have you extended the love to others?


Share your acts of love with us!

Take a photo or a short video clip and show us how you Love Without Limits. Send them to website@stdominic.net. Don’t forget to include a sentence describing what you do.

We will be sharing these in our print and digital publications.

By submitting your photo/video you are agreeing to their use and publication.

Please contact Meg Picciolo at 262.781.3480 x248 or meg.picciolo@stdominic.net with any questions.

This month, theROCK is focused on Loving without Limits.


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