The Voice of God

I am always amazed to hear people say “God spoke to me.”

Did God literally speak to them? What did his voice sound like? Did they actually hear something?

While I think we would all love to hear the voice of God, many of us have not had this opportunity. That doesn’t mean that God is not communicating with us.

God speaks to us in a variety of ways.

Think about the time someone came up to you with the perfect words when you needed a friendly voice.

God was speaking to you.

Or think about the comforting words of friends and family when you’re in pain and hurting—both emotional and physically.

God was speaking to you.

Think about a day at work when you need help managing a complex and stressful situation. Suddenly the words come out of your mouth and you handle the circumstances in the perfect way.

God was speaking to you…and through you.

It is not a coincidence that the right words at the right times magically appear to help you through your day. God has found unique ways to let us know that he is with us, all of the time, watching everything that we do. He also speaks to us in ways we can never understand—through emotions, through intuition, through personal observations and feelings.

So don’t wait for the booming voice from the clouds. Don’t look for a Hollywood burning bush or bolt of lightning.

All we need to do is listen to others around us…and listen to our heart. We will then hear the voice of God.

Are you ready to listen?

Share your thoughts with us. How has God spoken to you?


1 thought on “The Voice of God

  1. Thanks Dan, someone actually asked me one time if God speaks to me. Of course he does. Also, remember the time you read a scripture verse that confirmed what you were planning. God was speaking to you.


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