Focus on Listening

People spend between 70 – 80% of their day engaged in some form of communication. The average person speaks between 125 – 175 words per minute. That’s a lot of sentences flying around us every single day.

While your ears are able to pick up a lot of words, your brain doesn’t always process all of the words spoken to you. In fact, most people only remember about 17 – 25% of things that they hear.

How strong of a listener are you? Are you paying attention in your conversations? Do you truly engage in a back and forth dialogue, or are you simply waiting for your turn to talk?

And what about when God talks to you? Are you hearing AND listening to His words?

For the month of September, theROCK is Focused on Listening. We’ll discover ways that you can become a better listener, and in turn, a better communicator. We’ll also look at ways you can grow in your faith simply by learning to listen.

Can you hear me now? Good, let’s get started.

 Give yourself a grade. How good of a listener are you? Be honest. Think about what you’d like to change. Share your thoughts with us.


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