Change Happens


Even the sound of the word can leave certain people uptight. We like the status quo. We don’t want to upset our routines. We’re worried that we’ll lose control.

Change happens. It happens to all of us.

While we are often most concerned with negative change in our lives, even positive change can cause great anxiety. Think about how you feel when you start a new job…a job you really wanted.

What can you do to handle change?

As we close out the month of August and our Focus on Change, we reflect on three simple steps to help us all handle change.

Embrace Life.

Experts will tell you that first lesson in embracing change is to learn to embrace your life. If you’re constantly fighting all of the little changes in your life, you will never be able to handle the big changes.

Embrace God.

Embracing life starts with embracing God. Talk to God. Ask him what he has in store for you. Discuss what you need to do to really get the most out of every day. Then listen to His answers. He’ll speak to you in a variety of ways: in your thoughts, through others, and special daily experiences.

Trust God.

If God is leading you down a path, walk proudly down that path. Don’t fight it. Don’t be afraid to try new things. God is molding and shaping you into the person you need to become. That can only happen if you have an open mind about change.

What we may originally perceive as unpleasant change can quickly become a moment of grace that transforms us into the person we are meant to be.

How do you handle change? Share your thoughts with us.


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