A Sunday of Baseball and Love

When I was very young, my entire family would gather each year at my grandmother’s house for a summer picnic. Aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, boyfriends, girlfriends…we were all one giant family.

My grandmother lived in a huge farmhouse with an enormous front yard. The area was big enough to create a make-shift baseball diamond.

So that’s what we did. We played baseball. Every year. At every picnic. For hours at a time.

Being a young boy, I was obsessed with baseball. I loved the beauty of the game, I loved the strategy, I loved the teamwork. But most importantly, I loved sharing this passion with my entire family.

I would have dreams about the giant game months before the actual event. I couldn’t wait to get on the field. It brought us all closer together as we laughed and screamed and jumped for joy with every play.

My passion on that specific Sunday started with baseball, but it quickly overflowed onto all of the “players,” as well as those watching on the sidelines. Baseball brought us together, but it was our love for each other that kept the passion alive.

Year later, I still have incredible memories of those games. I long to feel that passion again, and long to have all of those people together in one place with one central purpose: to love each other.

What are you passionate about? What gets you excited? How do you share this passion and excitement with others?

The key to it all is this: live life like a child. Find something that makes you happy, then find a way to share this happiness with others. Don’t think so hard about it—keep it simple. It may be an afternoon bar-b-que, a day at the pool, watching a sunset, or dancing to a band at a church festival.

Bringing your passion to life means bringing the best out of others. It means making our moments on Earth meaningful.

It means swinging hard at every pitch and loving every minute.

What is your passion? Share your thoughts with us.


Dan Herda is an editor of theROCK and a member of the Marketing Committee at St. Dominic Catholic Parish.


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