Focus on Passion

You know who they are. They’re the ones who light up a room when they walk in. They’re the ones that smile brightly when they tell you a story. They’re the ones with eyes that can see into your soul.

They’re the people with passion.

We love to be around the people with passion.

“I wish I could be more like that.” “They’re always so positive.” “I love their energy and enthusiasm for everything.” Sound familiar? We never think of ourselves as the passionate ones,  yet, we all have the power to live a life of passion.

We just have to learn how.

This month theROCK is focused on Passion. We’ll discuss ways to became the person that you’ve always hoped you would be. And…we’ll discover ways to let God shine through you onto everything and everyone in your path.

“What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.”


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