The Moments of the Mass

How much do you live in the moment?

For many of us, we don’t. According to recent published statistics, it turns out that human brains live in the moment for just over half of our waking hours–53% of the time.

The other 47%, we find ourselves with wandering minds, zoning out of things going on around us.

Life is full of noise. There are thousands of distractions flying through out brain, every moment of every day, vying for our attention. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we’ve zoned. (Think about that moment when you’re behind the wheel of a car and you realize you just drove 5 miles without paying attention!)

Now think about Sunday morning when you’re sitting in church.

  • How much are you in the moment?
  • Are you thinking about the week that just ended?
  • Planning the week ahead?
  • Worried about bills to pay?
  • Thinking about what you’re going to make for dinner that evening?

How can you get the most out of the Mass? Here are three simple solutions.

To start, choose your moments. What are your favorite moments of the Mass? The Gospel? Communion? The Our Father? Put your energy into making those specific moments special. Concentrate. Focus. Be active in the moment; think about what you’re saying or praying.

Build upon these moments each week. Add a new moment each week. Savor the new moment along with the old. Challenge yourself to look for meaning in each of your moments.

Read and study about the parts of Mass. Each part of the Mass has an interesting story and history. Take some time to learn the why behind the beauty of what you’re experiencing.

  • How do we choose the readings for Mass?
  • Where did the Nicene Creed come from?
  • What is the doxology?

Knowing a bit more about our faith helps us to truly appreciate these moments.

Here are some resources to help:

The Order of Mass from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

101 Questions About the Mass

What are your favorite moments of the Mass? Share your thoughts with us.



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