I Will…Be Open Minded

What is your call to action? How will you live a life of faith?

During the summer months, we’re featuring a new post called “I Will.” What’s one thing you can do to make the world a better place to be?

I Will be…Open Minded.

What’s happened to our world? Everyone has such a strong opinion and they’re expressing this opinion in such a hostile way.

If we all take the time to listen to each other, to be open minded, to look for ways to create allies vs. enemies, then the world will begin to come together.

It starts with each of us.

Next time you’re tempted to dig your heels in and stand your ground, no matter who you hurt, stop and think. Is this conversation worth it? Can I learn something from this other person? Can I make my point without making them angry?

It’s time I open my mind…and my heart.


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