I Will…Pray for Peace

What is your call to action? How will you live a life of faith?

During the summer months, we’re featuring a new post called “I Will.” What’s one thing you can do to make the world a better place to be?

I Will…Pray for Peace.

Our world is in trouble. Violence and hatred have crept in from the shadows and are beginning to surround us, threatening to strangle love and peace everywhere.

It’s time we pray for peace.

If one or two people offer a prayer, that’s strong. But if all of us pray, every day, that’s a powerful message to God to watch over us and guide us through this tumultuous time.

Pope Francis recently prayed the following:

“Spirit of God, come down upon us anew, teach us unity, renew our hearts and teach us to love you as you love us, to forgive as you forgive us. Amen.”


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