Life is Better with God (And a Dog)

My dog Harry loves to go for walks. We will walk early mornings, late afternoon, sometimes even after the sun goes down. He’ll never pass up a chance to take a stroll.

I always thought I was a pretty observant person in life, but that opinion changed when I started walking my dog.

Suddenly my eyes were open as the two of us walked through neighborhoods, explored new paths, and discovered the true beauty of life.

I’ve seen trees in early spring start to bud. I’ve seen the faces of excited children playing their first organized baseball game. I’ve seen birds gather twigs and build their home on a low hanging branch. I’ve seen glorious sunsets and majestic thunder clouds. I’ve seen fresh white snow on a quiet Saturday morning. I’ve met new friends and connected with old acquaintances.

It’s like I put on a new pair of glasses and the details of the world are now 20/20.

The same thing is true when we walk with God.

When we find a way to open our hearts and let God guide our vision, we suddenly see and hear more than we could ever imagine: the laughter of two people in love. The pain on a lonely person’s face. The power of a touch or an embrace. A cry for help. A smile of gratitude.

When we walk with God, we suddenly discover that the moments of life don’t always have to be monumental. Your moment might be a simple smile or a hearty handshake. It might watching the wind blow through the trees on a spectacular summer day. It might be marveling at a field of flowers.

Your moment may be simply standing still, taking it all in, loving the world around you.

This month theROCK is focused on appreciating the moments of life.

What are the simple moments in your life that you treasure?

What makes them special? Share your thoughts with us.


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