Our Lady of Fatima

Back in October, St. Dominic Catholic School consecrated itself to the Blessed Virgin Mary. On May 13, the Catholic Church will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the visitation of Our Lady of Fatima. There is a special novena being said that the school children, teachers, and I will be participating in beginning today through May 13, 2017. Below is the link that we will be using. This will be our morning prayer.

I would encourage each of you to join in with us. Included in the link is a description of Our Lady of Fatima and a bit of the history.


Below is a link to an article that also helps to explain the significance of this anniversary. The message shared at Fatima is one of love and conversion. It is a message we still need to desperately hear and obey these 100 years later.


Two things that impacted me from the story of Fatima are the existence of hell and the necessity for praying the Rosary. Our Blessed Mother loves us so very much that she continues to send us messages for the sake of our mortal souls.

It is always foolish not to obey your mother. It is especially foolish to disobey the mother of God. Please take time to learn her message well.



Jill Fischer is the Principal of St. Dominic Catholic School.


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