The Month of Mary

We all have a special bond with a our mother. She is the only human being that knows us from the very moment of conception. She teaches us. She guides us. She feels our joy…and she feels our pain.

In May, we recognize our heavenly mother, Mary. Her words and her actions continue to teach us and guide us throughout out lives. She inspires mothers all over the world.

This month, theROCK is focused on Mary and Motherhood. We will look at ways to celebrate the month of Mary, and ways we acknowledge our own mothers.

What is one thing you learned from your mother that has impacted your everyday life of faith?

Share your thoughts with us.


One thought on “The Month of Mary

  1. Some things I learned from my Mom, and my parents in general, was to live a humble life and treat others with love and respect. I may not always succeed but they are the ones who set the bar for me.


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